Details SAC Meeting* Conducted in The Year 2014

S.N. Date Name and Designation of Participants Recommendation Action Taken
1 28th September 2015 Dr. Shailendra Rajan, Director, C.I.S.H., Rahamankhera, Lucknow Model Nursery Production Unit should be started at KVK, so that farmers can get training as well as good planting material KVK. Biological control material production unit. Nursery Production Unit of KVK will be modernized after getting the budget, meanwhile on campus training programmes for formers and rural youths were organized on nursery management at KVK campus.
2 28th September 2015 Dr. S. N. Singh, Senior Scientist, IISR, Telibagh, Lucknow KVK must adopt one village and organized all their activities in that village and develop it as model village. Nutrition Gardening should be promoted in rural areas for nutritional security. KVK adopted Buxikhera for developing it as model village. Trainings, FLDs on Oilseed, Pulses and others as well as OFTs were conducted in the village. Nutrition gardening has been taken under FLD programme as well as training programme.
3 28th September 2015 Dr. Sharad Kumar, Senior Scientist & Incharge, N.B.F.G.R.I., Lucknow Demonstration Unit of Integrated farming system should be developed at KVK as well as in the farmer’s field. It is in the planning, project proposal for IFS is submitted in the ATARI, Kanpur. In the farmers field IFS model has been developed with the support of IWMP project Unnao. Awareness Programmes and gosthies were organized in the village for promotion of IFS model in village.
4 Dr. S. Shukla, DHO, Unnao Area of Mango, Guava, Garlik, Jarbera, Banana, Chilli should be increase with the financial support of NHM scheme. 30 farmers of different village approached to DHO, Unnao for taking benefits of NHM scheme with the technical support of KVK.
5 28th September 2015 Dr. Umesh Kumar, Incharge, CIPMC., Lucknow Farmers must be aware about IPM technology, KVK can take an initiative and FLD programmes can be conducted for this. One OFT and Two FLD were conducted on IPM technology. Farmers were trained on this technology through different on campus as well as off campus training programmes.
6 28th September 2015 Sri. Suresh Chandra Verma, Inspector Fisheries, Fisheries Department, Unnao Exiting ponds in the district can be utilized for Fish culture, New ponds can also be made with the financial support of the district for water conservation and income generation. Creating awareness through gosthies, mela and trainings for adoption of fish culture and water conservation among farmers.
7 28th September 2015 Sri. Basirudeen, Member DDA, Unnao Farmers must take benefit of solar systems for irrigation available on subsidy. For which online registration of farmers is compulsory. 3 farmers for the district has taken the benefit of subsidiary scheme on solar system with the support of KVK
8 28th September 2015 Sri. Ramesh Kumar Singh Chairman, Kunwar Ram Bux Singh Educational Society, Hasanganj, Unnao Action Plan for whole year activities of KVK must be made with close coordination of district so that problems of farmers due to changing climate can be overcome. Action plan for the year 2016-2017 is made with incorporation of suggestions of district officials.
9 28th September 2015 Sri. Ajay Kumar Sachan, SMS, Krishi Vibhag, Unnao
10 28th September 2015 Sri. Ashok Kumar, Asstt. Engineer, P.W.D. Unnao
11 28th September 2015 Sri. Rajpal Singh, Progressive Farmer, Pilakhana, Unnao They focused on the problem of Neelgah and Monkey on cultivation of crops and requested to do something for solving their problems. Dr. S. N. Singh suggested Herbolive to test its efficiency and impacted on Neelgah and Monkey. We are trying to approach for purchase of Herbolive and its testing.
12 28th September 2015 Sri. Sita Ram Progressive Farmer, Buxikhera, Unnao
13 28th September 2015 Smt. Mayatri Devi, Progressive Farmer, Dhaura, Unnao
14 28th September 2015 Sri. Mohit Kumar Singh, M. D. KVK, Unnao