Impact of KVK

S.N. Thrust area
1 District has large salt affected area, hence low cost soil reclamation technology to be disseminated to make this land productive.
2 Suitable cropping systems need to be introduced in high water table areas.
3 Low crop productivity in comparison to State yield, thus HYV will be introduced
4 Unnao has sizable area under orchards namely mango. Malformation in mango is a major problem, which needs to be controlled through IPM.
5 Introduce IPM and IPNM technology in crops for improvement of soil and environmental health and to reduce chemical load.
6 Introduction of suitable salt tolerant varieties of rice, wheat, mustard, barley, sugarcane, vegetables etc.
7 The farmers are not aware to vaccination and deworming of animals, thus training required for farmers and farmwomen about animal health.
8 The breeds of different Livestock are nondescript which needs to be upgraded or crossbred by good germplasm of sire through Artificial Insemination.
9 To train rural youths and farm women about mushroom production, bee keeping, vermicompost production, dairy farming, goat rearing, seed production and nursery of fruits, forestry and vegetable for upliftment of their socio economic status.
10 To train farmwomen about improved post harvest technology as well as entrepreneurship development.
11 Increase area of oilseed and pulses crop.
12 Introduce short durational varieties of summer and Kharif Groundnut.
13 Use of Bio-fertilizers in oilseed and pulse crop for increase production.