Total Land with KVK (in ha)

S.N. Name of Organization Nature of Linkage
1 CSAUAT,Kanpur Participation in meeting, training programmes.
2 NDAUT,Faizabad Procurementofseeds,Aonlaplants.
3 ICAR-Indian Institute of Pulse Research,Kanpur Trainingprogrammeanddemonstration.
4 State Department of Plant Protection Trainingprogramme,jointdiagnosticsurvey andimplementation.
5 ICAR-CentralInstitute for Subtropical Horticulture, Rahman Khera,Lucknow Joint survey, farm development and technicalguidance.
6 DRDA,Unnao ByprovidingfundforestablishmentofFood processingunittotrainwomen’sselfhelp group.
7 CSIR-NationalBotanicalResearch Institute,Lucknow Technicalguidanceinfarmdevelopment.
8 Department of Agriculture Training Programme & Demonstration
9 Department of Animal Husbandry Joint diagnostic survey & implementation
10 BAIF Joint implementation
11 Department of Horticulture Forplantation on farm
12 Forest Department Joint survey & farm development
13 U.P. Bhumi Sudhar Nigam, Lucknow Toprovidetrainingprogrammes
14 Doordarshan & ETV, Uttar Pradesh Forcoverage and live telecastofKVK activities
15 Ministry of Non-Conventional EnergySource (Govt.ofIndia), NewDelhi Projectforestablishinganenergyparkin VirendraKumarSinghKrishiVigyanKendra
16 Department of Biotechnology, Govt.ofIndia,NewDelhi By providing fund for Vermiculture productionunittotrainSC/STandweaker sections for self-employment and establishmentofproductionunit.
17 NABARD,Unnao Providing Kisan Club.
18 Central Integrated pest management center Lucknow To execute I.P.M.programmes in different crops
19 ICAR-Central Soil Salinity Research Institute Regional office Lucknow Provide salt tolerant varieties of paddy, wheat and mustard
20 BSA(IWDP),Unnao Training Programme
21 ICAR-Indian Institute of SugarcaneResearch, Lucknow TechnicalGuidance
22 Nehru Youva Kendra,Unnao For training of youths
23 NationalInstituteofAgricultural ExtensionManagement(Manage) Hydrabad For AC & ABC training
24 StateInstituteforManagementof Agricultur,(SIMA)Rahmankhera, Lucknow Fortraining of youths